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The Most Adorable Threat
Tree Monsters of China
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27th-Jul-2007 11:37 pm - $$$
Can anyone hook me up with a job for August and half of September?

I'm an excellent employee and I have my food handler's card and register experience.
Please, please save me from working at McDonalds after the anniversary sale is over!
19th-Jun-2007 12:14 am - Go Brush Your Teeth!
I'm so embarassed.
I discovered a GIANT hole in one of my back teeth this weekend. Like, i can jam a little of my pinky finger into it. What the fuck?! How disgusting! It doesn't hurt at all, which is the funniest part. I think maybe a filling fell out -- or maybe it's just the more horrifying cavity in the universe.
7th-Jun-2007 12:53 am - MOTIVATION
stewevan: you're a very wonderful gal
stewevan: so do your homework so you graduate and I'm not ashamed of my dumbass pregnant high school educated trailer gutterbitch

EDIT It's 7:15. After an almost all-nighter (I took a little nap at 5) I've only finished one of my easier finals. I have 2 hours (3, if i really want to flunk the Sociology final) to write 3 pages on anarchists and Nietzsche and the like -- which shouldn't be too hard except I am exhausted.
5th-Jun-2007 12:36 pm(no subject)
Wednesday, June 6th is your last chance to see Dasepo Naughty Girls at the Egyptian!!

OR Congorama at the Neptune, if you'd rather. (I met Paul Ahmarani!!) Both are A+.
4th-Jun-2007 11:57 am(no subject)
One more class and then I'm done!
3rd-Jun-2007 11:47 pm - Goodbye Sunshine!
Evan and I were desperate to see Black Sheep this weekend, after we found out it was sold out -- so we abused our power to volunteer and worked the lines for SIFF for a couple hours. The show was freaking sold out around the block. I think I heard capacity was 700 and everybody who had a ticket was there. So, while the creepy volunteers hung around inside, Evan and I earned our keep by answering questions, checking the lines, and handing out ballots.

Let me just say... there are a lot of weird asses in the world. Do you know what happened when I tried to give away ballots to some people? Not only would some refuse to take them, but they'd say "this is the only one i've seen so it's not fair for me to vote." It's a holistic system you dipshits. Anyway. It was just a bizarre experience for people to need to think about it that much. Most people took the ballots without being weird asses though.

Also, while I was working the pass holder's (VIP) line -- somebody told me I was beautiful! And it totally made my weekend. Except now I feel bad because I was both shy and super busy so all I said was thank you before really quickly turning around to pass out more ballots. Which may have been rude. I don't know.


In the end, Evan and I found a pile of seats in the very back row and we enjoyed Black Sheep and our clever way of seeing a movie for free! SIFF is really great for free stuff. On top of getting to see movies for free during our shift we get: free t-shirts, free badges, first crack at give-away stuff in the theater since we're supposed to be setting it up, free chipotle meals for working, and free movie vouchers!

Today, we slept in until noon and I triiied to come back here and be a worker bee and get one of my finals done to turn it in super early -- but it's almost 12 hours later and it still hasn't happened. We did get discount burritos at Taco Del Mar and eat them at Cal Anderson in the sunshine though.

Also, my external hard drive is on the way!
But my CD/DVD drive is broken and some of my keys are sticky.
28th-May-2007 11:22 pm(no subject)

28th-May-2007 11:10 pm - Volunteer McDo-Nothing
I had a busy weekend at home. It was a pretty accurate sneak preview of my summer. There will be lots of down time and job hunting (oh god, i'm never going to get hired,) some shopping with mom, and some minor head-butting with everyone. Yikes.

Anyway, i'm back at school for the final stretch. I have 2 papers to write. 1 take-home final. and 2 normal finals left. I'm feeling good about them, I think I can balance all of my book reading and paper writing with some amazing concerts and the film festival. But maybe not. We'll have to see!

My only major problem right now is $$$. I'm all out on my food card and I'm dipping into my safety bumper for cash pretty heavily for off-brand groceries. I wouldn't be so worried, but Dad decided that he's going to decrease my allowance when I get home, so I'm taking a big hit on sunday -- it will probably all be spent by the time he transfers June's allowance into my account. I feel bad... like this is a total trust-fund, poor money management, suburban problem. But it suckssss.

You know what doesn't suck? Volunteering for SIFF!!
I seriously did next to nothing with Evan and Nick today at the Egyptian. I handed out some ballots, picked up some popcorn bags, and stood around with a big grin on my face inbetween eating free popcorn and watching movies! And I got 3 free movie passes for my efforts! Sweetness. I'm excited to do more shifts this week and next.
27th-May-2007 01:45 am - Nerd Club
I'm all signed up for Japanese next year!
FINALLY!!! I'm super excited. Except, I'm not excited for the people in that class. I have yet to meet anyone else who's into Japanese culture without being a douchebag. And, though I don't hate all anime -- there is sooo much that sucks and I'm sure eveyrone is going to have overpriced imported sweatshirts with characters on them and they'll go: " ^____^ KAWAII!!!! "

But otherwise I'm really, super excited.

I went shopping today with mom, managed to get a whole new outfit. And now, after watching HOURS of Legends of the Hidden Temple at Stephen's... I'm super sleepy.
24th-May-2007 03:35 pm - Arrrgh

Those would be MY tickets to see Pirates 3 at 8 at the CINERAMA tonight!
& my pirate princess pin too.

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